Hemp seeds have been eaten by millions of people every day. The Persians called them « King of seed » and, in China, hemp seeds were one of the major « grains » along with millet, rice, barley, and soybean.

digestible protein

One fifth of our body consists of proteins and their building blocks amino acids. They are crucial for growth and maintenance of tissue, organs, muscles, skin and hair. The hemp seed contains between 20% to 30% of easily digestible protein depending on its form.

Omega-3 and 6

Omega-3 and omega-6, essential fatty acids are “essential” to our body to carry out vital metabolic life processes. Hemp seeds contain perfect ratio of Omega-3 and omega-6 (3:1) that is important for our mental and physical health.  Omega-3 is especially important to expectant and nursing mothers both in the development of a healthy baby and in the health of the mother.


Fiber helps us maintain clean body, lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol levels, and keep a healthy weight. Women should get about 25 grams a day and men at least 35 to 40 and hemp makes it easier for us to take enough fiber, besides other nutrients.